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CSA Helpline

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The Child Support Agency was launched in April 1993 and is a delivery division of Great Britain’s Department for Work and Pensions or the Child Maintenance Group and Northern Ireland’s Department for Social Development. The responsibility of implementing the Child Support Act 1991 and following legislations rests with this agency.

The agency was initially formed as the Department for Social Security’s executive agency in the year 1993. However, in 2008, the agency status of the CSA was removed when it got a new identity as the Child Maintenance and Enforcement Commission’s (CMEC) delivery unit. However, after the elimination of CMEC in the year 2012, Child support Agency was befitted as the delivery unit of the Department for Work and Pensions’ Child maintenance Group.

Before the establishment of Child Support Agency, disputes related to child support were handled by the court, and was objected as being unfair and arbitrary whilst being unable to trace absent parents. Consequently, CSA was conferred with the responsibility of payment assessment for ensuring consistency, with the authority to collect, distribute, enforce and maintain the payments.

Child support is a contribution towards the financial raising cost of a child by the non-resident parent. The conditions and level of payment can be agreed mutually by the parents or in the event of any disagreement, decided by the judicial authority.

The CSA functions in a two fold manner – calculating the amount of child maintenance according to recent rules and guidelines and its collection while enforcing the same as well as transferring the payment to the caring parent from the non-resident parent. However, CSA can get involved in any case of child maintenance only after the child’s parent has applied for it.